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AMERICOM is your "American team member" for...

  • Creating a custom approach addressing your and your clients' specific needs
  • Creating or reviewing, editing and optimizing your business documents, website, and social media etc.
  • Business development strategies
  • Collaboration on projects and strategies with your team
  • Team training and coaching

Business moves fast and this is the closest thing to having an American team member in your office for mission critical assistance.

Areas of expertise:

  • strategies, concepts
  • lead generation
  • client acquisition
  • client retention
  • web content
  • podcast scripts, production
  • video scripts, production
  • webinars
  • social media
  • multi-media
  • brochures
  • presentations
  • proposals
  • follow-ups
  • manuals
  • newsletters, bulletins
  • articles, editorials
  • ghostwriting
  • books, 
  • e-books
  • telephone scripts
  • infographics
  • translations, adaptations
  • interpreting
  • everyday correspondence
  • speeches
  • meetings
  • events
  • conferences
  • seminars
  • family retreats
  • roadshows
  • hospitality
  • lifestyle services
  • extra-curricular programs
  • helpdesk
  • reporting
  • surveys
  • market research
  • team coaching
  • etc.

Special areas of expertise:

  • Financial industry
  • SEC-registered investment adviser requirements
  • Swiss banking
  • Swiss wealth management
  • Swiss business hub
  • American expat community
  • Private Placement Life Insurance

"Communication leads to community, that is to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing."

Rollo May


As your main corporate image, your website should make American clients feel at ease and positively inclined to take up contact with you. Accessibility is not enough, you need to be approachable as well. Your website needs to be inviting. Communicate professionalism with appropriate wording and American English grammar and spelling. Even one typo or usage error can reduce response.

The business documents that you send to prospective clients are the first opportunity you have to show your company in action. They are very important to the American client who reviews them. These early transmissions give the U.S. customer a glimpse into your work style, your writing and English skills and your business practices.

Case study:
An SEC-registered financial adviser published an 18-page image brochure. Several employees, some with certified English language skills, provided content to the brochure and it was proofread by an English-speaking colleague. Americom reviewed the brochure and found 61 errors, typos and inconsistencies. A re-write by AMERICOM resulted in an error-free image brochure to be proud of. 

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