You only have once chance to make a first impression


5 steps to optimize your personal and company brand, your presence and your network

Just like you wouldn't hand out an incomplete business card, your LinkedIn profile and your LI company page should reflect your corporate image and make an excellent, professional first impression.

LinkedIn is the world's leading B2B and B2C networking and marketing platform for professionals and it is booming. Worldwide there are now over 673 million LI users. With work-from-home directives it plays a more important role than ever before.

LI is a fantastic place to easily search, find, connect, meet and converse with people in your target market, establishing a far-reaching network, developing your brand and creating interest for you and your company's services, driving traffic to your website and developing and nurturing relationships. 

A very powerful and respected tool, LI should be used to its full potential. A great thing about LI? It's free! Free exposure. Free impressions. Free content publication. Free high quality leads to grow your business. You just need to use it consistently and efficiently.

There is not an easier way to get in direct contact with potential business partners and clients and generate leads...especially in the United States (over 163 million people in the US have a LI account).

I have been working intensively with LI for six years and in the course of time I have learned all the ways and means and tips and tricks to make your brand, presence, connections and lead generation on LI a highly efficient way.   

Step 1- LinkedIn Profile

An excellent first impression starts with your LI profile...and those of your co-workers.

  • Company logo/image and/or call to action as the header image according to your preferences

  • Good quality photograph

  • Attractive descriptions and summaries with SEO-optimized keywords 

  • Include your website, images, documents, videos etc. showing your expertise and thought leadership in your niche 

  • Complete contact info for easy access

  • A custom LI profile URL, which you can use in your emails etc. (getting rid of the numbers after your name)

  • Correct Settings & Privacy (e.g. not showing your competition alongside your profile)

  • Following appropriate companies, groups and hashtags

  • Joining appropriate groups 

Step 2 - LinkedIn Company Page | Group

Company pages are pivotal for promoting your firm on LI. Your company page is a brand positioning tool and you need a company page in order to carry out paid LinkedIn advertising should you decide to do so.

  • Create/optimize your LI company page

  • Create showcase pages when appropriate (e.g. posts in different languages, different areas of business)

  • Invite your connections to follow your company page

  • Provide content for your company page updates

  • Create your LI Group if desired

Step 3 - LinkedIn Content

Creating and posting valuable and engaging content on LI regularly will establish you and your company as a thought leader in your area of expertise and increase your visibility, creating awareness about what you do and how you do it.  You can post from your personal profile, your company page, or your company group.

  • Setting engagement targets, delivering value, maintaining a steady posting cadence

  • Posts: Information, news, ads, videos, case studies, infographics, webinars etc.

  • Videos: When on LI, members are in a professional mindset, which makes them more receptive to business messaging — especially in video format

  • Articles: Long form content on relevant topics underlining your expertise

  • Powerpoint presentations, brochures in LI's SlideShare

  • E-book

  • Comments to posts and articles: Taking part in conversations and getting yourself better known as an expert in your field

  • Comments to posts and articles by your company page: Attracting attention to your company page

  • Use appropriate hashtags in your content/posts

Step 4 - LinkedIn Lead Generation with Sales Navigator

  • Research and selection of appropriate people to connect with using the LI Sales Navigator tool

  • Personalized connection requests

  • Personalized responses to welcome your new LI connections including a link leading to a dedicated landing page on your website, drawing them into your website immediately

  • Personalized follow ups with a link to your article on LI which underscores your expertise and services including a call to action

  • Sending ongoing information and news

  • Convert LI contacts to email contacts

  • Maintaining a status list of LI contacts

Step 5 - LinkedIn Advertising

There are many forms of paid advertising available on LinkedIn and a marketing campaign can be designed and implemented, getting the attention of your preferred target groups and locations. Sponsored content, sponsored InMails, and text ads are directed to your selected audience.   

LinkedIn Online/In house Training for DIYs

DIY (do-it-yourself): You and your team can profit from an in-house or remote LI training, learning all the tips and tricks to maximize your LI presence on your own.

Extra Bonus for Swiss SEC-registered investment advisors

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First impressions are lasting impressions.